Why I should have skipped dessert

The anticipation of something is often the sweetest thing. It is a moment so delicious nothing could live up to the idea if it.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I wish I hadn’t eaten that delicious dessert. It would have been better to leave it just the way it was, looking so good behind the glass of the bakery’s display case.

But it was such a yummy looking pastry, with a buttery crust and cream piled high in the middle. I just had to have it!

It started to sweat as soon as it was removed. Then, when I bit it, I smashed it a little. I knew it would be messy. Yet, still, I took another bite and smashed it even more. Things got foggy then, and in an instant it was gone from my sight.

As the sugar rush gave way to a hangover, I thought I would feel more complete. Yet all I feel is empty after eating such a delicious treat. I long to admire it again the way it was before I made a mess of it, untouched, perfect and safe behind the glass of the bakery’s display case.

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