Love Letters: L


Just a little note to thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, loving and spiritual friend to me. I never want to miss a day of saying, “I love you my beautiful friend!”

 Every day I wonder what new thing you’re going to invite me to learn. I just love when you make me laugh or giggle. It never ceases to amaze me with the type of kind and loving things that you come up with to tell me in order to make me feel beautiful when you stand me in front of the mirror, or what things you’re going to say to soothe me and make me feel safe and peaceful when I’m feeling fearful and sad. You never fail me, and you truly are my best friend and you make my heart smile.

 I love that when you wake up, you always talk to God first before saying anything to me, because you know that your day is better when you let God lead you, because you become the best version of you for me and for the world. I admire you for deciding to live a life that is a reflection of how great you feel way deep inside of your spirit, and that you allow God’s divinity and magnificence to emanate within your home and onto the world.

 It makes me happy when I see you softly humming whenever you’re doing something, I know it’s because you feel at peace and in sync with this world. You know that you’ve left no stone unturned and the rest is up to God and the divine universe. I love that you know God, and that you know, God knows you…, and because of this you don’t seek peoples’ approval. All that matters is that you are One with God, the rest is just minutia.  

 Keep smiling, keep giving, keep singing, keep healing and keep giving it your all until it is all that you have to give every day, because that’s all that matters in the end, and because of it more will always come to you. I know you’re happy because your life shows it, and it shows in your giving. I know that so many things have happened to you, many of them very, very sad, but the beauty is that you’ve worked on your part of it and you know that God and the universe are just, and there is always justice because everything always comes full circle.

 Thank you for always believing in magic, kindness and true love. Fairytales, heaven on earth and life everlasting are just your way of life…never stop wanting that for yourself.

 I look forward to our mornings and evenings together, it’s when I can hear you the best. But just call me whenever you need me during the day, you know I love you and will always make time to sit with you quietly and we can talk to God together.

 Yours in love and friendship, your infinite divine & magnificent self.


Self love is as important as loving others. You are a diamond and priceless. Sometimes you have to uncover your diamond. A task well worth the work! 

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