My dear ones…..

Joyful news weighs down my heart.
Another mouth to feed;
this will be four.
My dear ones,
I gaze upon you with a heavy heart ashamed of my deepest secrets.
Must I carry the burden of responsibility for these lives?
I provide clothing, food and shelter.
I look upon them with fondness, too,
but still this resentment nags at my gut
Resentment for a lifetime of caring for others.
Mother, brother, sisters
and now a wife and children.
How can I ever be happy carrying this burden?
Only ever happy at work
earning money to provide
for these mouths to feed.
My dear ones,
graduate and get out of my house.


There was a beautiful cake lying there.
It was begging to be eaten.
I had come to the table late,
so no one saw me take it.
At first it was just a little taste,
but one thing let to another.
What started on the edges,
turned out to be too many bites.
I accidentally ate it.
It is the cake’s fault, you know,
for being so delicious.
That cake knew how yummy it looked.
Really, could anyone blame me?