Love Letters

Another love letter example. From me, to me. Short and simple.

Sweetest Jodi, Little Star, Expanding Self, Love Muffin,

You’ve proven to you that we can trust one another. Thank you for taking time to learn how to hear the God part of you; this part of you is so expansive and powerful and you know this. You know that you know.

Love, Jodi

Self love is as important as loving others. You are a diamond and priceless. Sometimes you have to uncover your diamond. A task well worth the work! 

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No eyes needed

Juicy sweet spaces in my brain,
too delicious to comprehend.
Beauty and terror in my expansiveness.
Who do you see there?
As the wind blows and the waves crash,
what secrets and shames rot your soul?
In the deepest parts of the ocean
things don’t need eyes, only feeling.
A low rumbling vibration soothes and resonates unseen creatures.
Must you see to believe?