Love letters

Self love is as important as loving others. You are a diamond. You can bury a diamond in trash and it’s still a diamond. Unbury your diamond and shine! 

Write a love letter to yourself. 


One of my love letters to me:

Dear Jojo,

I remember who you are and so do you. Remember that your cup is filled to overflowing and that there is no shortage of love. There will always be enough love for you and others, so give it away freely being an example of love and light as you walk through each day. The path before you is filled with abundance. Walk with your head up and your eyes open so you can experience and enjoy the miracles all around you.

Love, Jodi

This might be the last time

I held your essence with me because I knew it might be the last time.

I carried your smell in my nostrils and hoped with each breath that it wouldn’t disappear because I knew it might be the last time.

I held that feeling of ease with which looked into your eyes in that rawest moment because I knew it might be the last time.

I am comforted by the familiar feeling in my soul, like I know you from far away and forever and it made it easier to know this might be the last time.

No eyes needed

Juicy sweet spaces in my brain,
too delicious to comprehend.
Beauty and terror in my expansiveness.
Who do you see there?
As the wind blows and the waves crash,
what secrets and shames rot your soul?
In the deepest parts of the ocean
things don’t need eyes, only feeling.
A low rumbling vibration soothes and resonates unseen creatures.
Must you see to believe?