Four Letter Word

I said the word.
Love. I couldn’t take it back.
Or explain it wasn’t like that.
I think I heard his heart stop beating.
I felt the muscles in his body sink like lead balloons.
I heard his mind close and his heart slam shut.
I forgot love means different things to different people.
Maybe for him love was frozen, heavy as lead,
closed off and shut tight.
It made me sad because
for me, love is illuminating light,
like drinking sunshine.
It doesn’t sink; it lifts.
It is friendship,
caring and affectionate
for no other reason than sharing the heart and soul of who and what we really are: LOVE!

Get your own

It was a rare and priceless gemstone; one-of-a-kind. Left unprotected
to be tarnished in the dank hands
of unbecoming souls
ready to exploit the innocent
and unsuspecting.
And so the dimming began.
The gem became dull
and unrecognizable as anything that would have once been beautiful.
It’s days spent in an unconscious attempt to get a different response.
As the gemstone fights for its light,
It is constant attractor
of gems that can’t shine without consuming the light of another.

Distorted World

When I walk by I know they are looking at me.
Expecting me to enter,
and be out of breath and sticky
from opening the door and walking inside.
It is because of my substance?
Is your disapproving stare intended to strip me of my dignity?
Who decided what you are is beautiful?

Authors Note:
This piece isn’t about size (being ‘fat’) but about substance;
about what we present to the world and how the world responds.
A person in a body referred to as ‘overweight’ is an easy way
to paint the picture but predjudeces are all around and within.
Let us be kind to ourselves and others. We are only love; let us be fat with love!!!