Punch Bowl, part II

I lingered in the punch too long.
Submersion is no longer sweet.
Instead a stagnant fermentation
clogs my nose, ears, throat…
A thick, sticky, stifling substance.
I try to clear my throat and can’t.
The residue makes me gag.
I curse myself for getting in the punch.
I said I wouldn’t do it or if I did
I could get out on my own.
Now I don’t know if I can keep myself from drowning.

Punch Bowl

I either fell directly into the punch
or I soaked into it
as if through a slow drip IV.

I know I’m submerged because everything around me is so sweet.
Sound is muffled.
Sight is soft and glowing.
I feel my heart beat in my ears.
My feet aren’t touching the ground.

I know I have to come up for air.
When I do, sound and sight are once again crisp and clear.
Don’t stay under too long.
Be careful not to drown.