Love letters: M

Dear M, 
There’s no one like you. Your human life experience has given you the opportunity to grow and develop your spiritual self and the person you are today. You’ve accepted and forgiven all your challenges, shortcomings, and the decisions you once made that gave you unwanted outcomes. And you now know that your new awareness and understanding of your spirit and ego and the transparency of both; have given you a taste of the natural state of oneness. Your perception of life has shifted and you’re in a new place of grace, through the constant feeling of gratitude; free of judgement, worriedness and worthlessness. You know that your creator gave you a meaningful and purposeful life, and you’ve learned to own and grow with it, through the practice of aligning your thoughts more and more everyday. You know that within this state of mind,your vibrational fields are shifting and you’ll be a in an abundant state of mind and heart; knowing that you’re infinite in the light that created you. I love you for having the courage to look at your life events and the taking the responsibility of searching to see what it takes to move into this place of grace; for taking the first steps to shift into this new place of further and continued growth, which is showing you the way to the love you deserve to be; because it’s your birth right, and you know it and own it now.

Love, M


Self love is as important as loving others. You are a diamond and priceless. Sometimes you have to uncover your diamond. A task well worth the work! 

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